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Liam Macdonald Musician

LIAM MACDONALD is an award-winning singer-songwriter, musician, and whistler from Canada who has "captivated" audiences in Europe and North America and worked with master musicians from around the world.

Liam's songs come in many flavors and blends of roots, pop, rock, jazz, and world -- as one reviewer noted, "Never trust genres, Liam's Verge CD is a classy release of excellent tunes." while another wrote, "for once eclectic is not a dirty word." Liam also writes songs of mysterious origin, described as "beautiful, haunting, almost surreal." The following quotes are from more reviews:

"should be all over the radio - an aural treat by any standards - captivating - fascinating - multi-dimensional - his guitar work is stunning, his vocals and his whistling are superb"

Liam's Verge CD was RECORD of the YEAR at Radio Six International in the U.K. Zeitgeist in Edinburgh wrote, "Verge is an absolute gem, which you really need to hear." Stream Verge at LiamMacdonald.com/audio.

Liam is a 2 X TOP FINALIST in the Great American Song Contest for his, "You Can Never Tell" (alt-country) and "Out of Nowhere" (instrumental).

"Black & You" by Liam Macdonald is included on the benefit CD, For Africa Vol. 1. Proceeds are donated to: The Water Foundation and Amnesty International.

This player contains live recordings, studio demos, and 'works in progress':

Liam Macdonald      Liam Macdonald

Liam Macdonald      Liam Macdonald Liam Macdonald      Liam Macdonald

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