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"...mightily impressed by a new talent." ~ MENSA Feedback Magazine Liam Macdonald Musician

Liam Macdonald is an award-winning singer-songwriter, musician, and whistler from Canada, who has earned recognition for being that rare breed of artist -- an authentic original. He has captivated audiences in Europe and North America and collaborated with master musicians from all over the world.

In his collaborative work (e.g., Verge CD) Liam's songwriting expresses a variety of musical influences (rock, roots, jazz, world, pop, unknown) though with a high degree of originality. In his purely self-directed work Liam is perhaps best known for writing (according to The Folk Project in the USA) "haunting, almost surreal songs" and "being the best whistler I've ever heard."

Liam's musical life began when he was in his mid teens, picked up a guitar for the first time, and fell in love. By the time he was 18 his music was broadcast nationally across Canada during prime-time on CBC Radio One. Since then Liam has performed solo and with bands for diverse audiences at festivals, theaters, coffeehouses, and house concerts. (Scroll down for audio & video.) To book Liam please send a request to the address on our contact page. The following are excerpts from Liam's reviews:

"should be all over the radio - an aural treat by any standards - captivating - fascinating - multi-dimensional - an absolute gem - for once eclectic is not a dirty word - even his whistling is of virtuoso quality"

Liam Macdonald is a 2 X TOP Finalist in The Great American Song Contest

Liam is a 2 X TOP FINALIST in the Great American Song Contest for "You Can Never Tell" in the country song category and "Out of Nowhere" in the instrumental category. Both are in the playlist below. Also in the playlist is "Hilltop Road," which is the fourth section and the melodic finale to "Out of Nowhere."

Stream, Download, and Buy Verge CD
Liam's Verge CD was RECORD of the YEAR at Radio Six International in the U.K. Edinburgh's Zeitgeist wrote: "Verge is an absolute gem, which you really need to hear." and "For once eclectic is not a dirty word." To Stream, Download, and Buy tracks from Verge please go to our audio store.

Stream Liam Macdonald's Black & You on Spotify

"Black & You" by Liam is featured on the benefit CD, For Africa Vol. 1. The proceeds are being donated to: The Water Foundation; IFAM; Sens Afrique; The Shaken Baby Alliance; and Amnesty International. Listen to "Black & You" on Spotify.

This playlist holds demos, 'works in progress,' and live performances, along with published tracks. Please bookmark and share this page. Thank you for your support!

Smartphone video of Liam performing at Andrea Clearfield's Salon in Philadelphia on April 24, 2016. Scroll down for the HD videos of these songs. NOTE: If an ad pops up to block any of these videos just refresh this page because the 'X' may not do it. If you want to see the video larger go to sonicbids.com/band/liam-macdonald/video/.

HD video (by John Hayes) of Liam performing "Manitoulin" at Andrea Clearfield's Salon on April 24, 2016.

HD video (by John Hayes) of Liam performing "You Can Never Tell" at Andrea Clearfield's Salon on April 24, 2016.

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