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Verge CD:
LIAM MACDONALD: vocals, guitar, percussion TIM CARBONE: violin, harmonium, harmonica, Thai khene, Tibetan singing bowls ANDY GOESSLING: saxophones, guitar, oboe, Irish wood flute, marxophone BUCK DILLY: guitar, pedal-steel, lap-steel, Hammond B3 organ, banjo JAMES GILHEANY: bass DAVID MOORE: drums MORIS TEPPER: guitar (3) DAVID BURK: bass, Moog (3) SCOTT MATHERS: drums (3) GARY GEORGETT: keyboards (2) DAVE von DOLLEN: bass (2) CAREY HARMON: drums (2) JOHN SKEHAN: piano (10) NED STROH: percussion (5)

Verge was co-produced by LIAM MACDONALD and TIM CARBONE, recorded by DON STERNECKER at Mix-O-Lydian Studios, Delaware Water Gap, PA and mastered by FRED KEVORKIAN at Absolute Audio, New York City.

Studio Demo of "The Falling":
LIAM MACDONALD: guitar, vocals, whistling BEN POLANSKI: mandolin, mandola GARY GEORGETT: keyboards

Studio Demo of "Borderline":
LIAM MACDONALD: guitar, vocals, whistling GARY GEORGETT: keyboards

"The Falling" and "Borderline," (with more coming soon) are being co-produced by LIAM MACDONALD and GARY GEORGETT and recorded by GARY GEORGETT at Georgett Sound Studio in Kinnelon, NJ. _________________________________________________________________________________

Other Studio Demos and the limited release single, "Black & You":
LIAM MACDONALD: lead vocals, guitar, percussion DAN RASMUSSEN: bass HANS FAGT: drums TROELS SKOVGAARD: guitar JIM SAVITT: guitar ALAIN NKOSSI KONDA: back-up
NICOLE COLLINS: back-up vocals

Other Studio Demos and the limited release single, "Black & You," were produced by ALAIN NKOSSI KONDA and BOBBY RICKETTS and recorded by HENNING HANSEN at Bach Recording Studio in Copenhagen. "Black & You" was mastered by STEFAN GIENGER at Mastermixstudio in Unterfoehring bei Muenchen. _________________________________________________________________________________

All songs, music and lyrics written by Liam Macdonald
© & 2003 - 2018 Liam Macdonald, All rights reserved worldwide

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