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liam macdonald / credits

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LIAM MACDONALD: lead vocals, guitar, percussion
back-up vocals, violin, harmonium, harmonica, Thai kaen, Tibetan singing bowls ANDY GOESSLING: saxophones, guitar, oboe, Irish wood flute, marxophone BUCK DILLY: guitar, pedal-steel, lap-steel, Hammond B3 organ, banjo JAMES GILHEANY: bass DAVID MOORE: drums MORIS TEPPER: guitar (3) DAVID BURK: bass & mini-Moog (3) SCOTT MATHERS: drums & percussion (3) GARY GEORGETT: keyboards (2) DAVE von DOLLEN: bass (2) CAREY HARMON: drums (2) JOHN SKEHAN: piano (10) ROBERT MATARAZZO: back-up vocals (2 & 6-10) MATTHEW SCHERTZ: utar (4), kanjira (6) A.J. FAAS: African talking drum (4) NED STROH: percussion (5)

Verge was produced by TIM CARBONE, recorded by DON STERNECKER at Mix-O-Lydian Studios, Delaware Water Gap, PA and mastered by FRED KEVORKIAN at Absolute Audio, New York City.

LIAM MACDONALD: lead vocals, guitar, percussion DAN RASMUSSEN: bass HANS FAGT: drums TROELS SKOVGAARD: guitar JIM SAVITT: guitar ALAIN NKOSSI KONDA: back-up
NICOLE COLLINS: back-up vocals GARY GEORGETT: keyboards

"Borderline" was recorded by GARY GEORGETT at Georgett Sound Studio in Kinnelon, NJ. All of the other demos and limited release singles on this website were produced by ALAIN NKOSSI KONDA and BOBBY RICKETTS, recorded by HENNING HANSEN at Bach Recording Studio in Copenhagen. "Black & You" was mastered by STEFAN GIENGER at Mastermixstudio in Unterfoehring bei Muenchen.

All songs, music and lyrics written by Liam Macdonald
© & 2003 - 2017 Liam Macdonald, All rights reserved worldwide

liam macdonald
© 2004 - 2017 Liam Macdonald